Harvard University recently published its findings from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, a comprehensive study that was started in 1938 and lasted over 75 years. The current director of the study, Dr. Robert Waldinger, recently spoke to a Ted Talk audience in Boston and stated that, “the clearest message that we get from this 75 year study is this: GOOD RELATIONSHIPS KEEP US HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER. PERIOD.” You can watch the full YouTube video of Dr. Waldinger’s well-presented Ted Talk below. One point that particularly struck me, as an estate planning and probate litigation attorney, is Dr. Waldinger conclusion that, “living in the midst of conflict is really bad for our health.”

When clients hire me to prepare estate plans for them, the vast majority seek to protect an inheritance for the benefit of their children. My clients spend money on my services to ensure, as best as possible, that their children will be protected. Listening to the findings of this Harvard Study it is clear that in planning for the passage of their estates, my clients are not only helping to secure their children’s financial future, but are also helping their children maintain healthy relationships with each other. No estate plan can guarantee to prevent fighting among those left behind after a death – grief and greed can lead to catastrophic litigation among families. However, with proper estate planning, much of the confusion and distrust among those left behind can be ameliorated. When tension and litigation can be reduced after the death of a family member, there will be a saving of money, time and stress.

Now we know that maintaining healthy relationships leads to longer, healthier lives for all of us. Call the Pacione Law Firm to start planning the transition of your family estate today.